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Our Four-Legged Friends

During the Covid pandemic, we are at present not allowing dogs into the premises. I am sure that you understand why we have taken this decision. Everybody's favourite pet that they want to pet and stroke. And why wouldn't they? 
So for safry reasons we took this precaution. We hope to see them back as soon as we can.

Children & Minors

Whilst primarily an adult's environment, children are welcome in areas away from the bar, although the pub is not very suitable for babies and toddlers in the evenings.


During these uncertain times, we ask all parents to remain with their children at all times. Remembering social distance for all other guests as well. I am sure this will be challenging at times, however, something we have to strictly adhere to.

Special Updates

We try our best to update the website as much as we can, however, connect with us on our social pages and keep abreast of any changes and updates from the government and World Health Organizations
The Bar Buck Logo
The Bar Buck Logo

The Deer Dining Area
The Deer Dining Area

The Outside Seating Area
The Outside Seating Area

The Bar Buck Logo
The Bar Buck Logo